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The real beauty of a conservatory is that it is a room that is part of the home and the garden. A well-designed conservatory - using proven materials - offers many uses. You may wish to extend your kitchen, provide a place for the children to play, somewhere to work from, or you simply want a quiet place to relax and enjoy your garden - whatever the weather. ASJ can provide the conservatory to meet your needs.

Porches were rare until the 19th century, when it became popular to add them to older buildings. These were not always added with the sympathy that such an important feature deserves. ASJ know about scale, architecture and materials sympathetic to your particular home. We are always willing to advise.

Conservatories & Porches

Originally from the Italian word “conservato” (meaning stored or preserved) and Latin “ory” (meaning a non–glazed structure used for storing food).