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We can make anything you want in hardwood. We can plan, execute and close your ideas from dream to reality.

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Technically, these chairs should be known as ‘Gustav Stickleys’, as it was Stickley who modified the reclining chair that Ephraim Colman invented in the 1860’s before Phillip Webb developed them further for the William Morris Company.

The chairs by William Morris were considered too dainty for the English Gentleman, so Stickley beefed them up a bit, with refined angles to a box shape that make them much more visually appealing.

You choose the size and finish. You can buy this chair unfinished and without the seat pads. You choose inscriptions and carved details. This chair here is covered in top grain full analine-dyed distressed leather, but you can choose your upholstery. Our associated upholsterer will make cushions to fabric you supply or we can send you samples from our shop Elizabeth Hartley - fabrics from Mulberry Home, Lee Jofa, Andrew Martin, Farrow & Ball, Linwood, etc.  

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Also known as Library chairs or chair ladders, our ‘Franklin Chair’ oozes quality and will grace any period or modern home. You choose the wood you want it made from (this example is made in ash) and you can buy it unfinished or choose to have it french polished (again to your taste) by ASJ.

Unlike other chairs of this style marketed by high-street online stores and pitched at a similar price, we feel our chair has no competition, having all the ingredients to make it an antique and investment for the future.  

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Honey Bee Oak make mirrors of all shapes and sizes and to our customer’s specifications. Our most popular designs are made of oak and carved in the arts & crafts style, sometimes personalised with mottos, common phrases, famous quotes and inscribed with names of family members.

We have many design ideas, but the pieces we enjoy making the most are those where we are bringing to life the creative ideas our customers express.    

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e love the idea that honey bees - like humans - choose oak as the fabric of their home. There are many theories as to why bees are discerning. Some say it’s because the oak tree produces galls to host insects who then secrete a sweet, honeydew substance that bees like to eat. It’s great that honey bees give us honey but marvellous to know that they also pollinate many farm grown foods including fruit and nuts, which not only sustain humans but have inspired Artists and craftsmen down the centuries, including Arts & Crafts designer William Morris. Honey-coloured oak, french polished to replicate centuries old patina is timeless and eternally appealing.

So … welcome to honey bee oak. We hope you enjoy browsing our products and generating your own ideas. We are so confident that are pieces will be antiques of the future, every piece made by HBO comes with a certificate of authenticity and is catalogued with its own unique reference number. We are always here to advise and recommend, but the process of making each piece for you is so specific that we like to talk with customers. In an acorn shell, purchasing a HBO piece is a process that doesn’t lend itself well to online ordering forms and online banking. With this in harness, if you are interested in a HBO piece, please phone

Coasters From

These coasters are proving a hit with period homes & country living life-stylers. Made from one piece of oak with honey bee carvings, these are great for amusing guests whilst pleasing the most discerning who appreciate tactile quality. They will of course protect your highly polished tables too.

The first coasters were produced in the 1880’s, made of cardboard and introduced by the German beer maker Friedrich Horn. Saucers - made for the same purpose - have been around for centuries. By the mid-twentieth century, beverage coasters started to be made in many materials and styles for the home.   


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